one tribe – the climate action platform that connects bushinesses and consumers to help save the rainforests

Every minute, an area the size of a football field is destroyed in the Amazon rainforest. Deforestation not only destroys trees which act as the world’s lungs, but wildlife habitats and homes for indigenous tribes. One Tribe is a climate action platform determined to reduce the CO2 in our atmosphere by connecting businesses and consumers who are passionate about climate change. 
We’ve all heard about it, read about it and seen it on our social media feeds, climate change is happening and if we want have any chance at reversing the effects, we need to change the way we live now. Climate activism isn’t just about chaining yourself to forests in protests, or making sure your gas and electric comes from renewable energy – climate activism can also be making you shop with businesses that support projects such as One Tribe and who have saving the planet at the forefront of their ethos.
One Tribe is a powerful movement helping to do just that – it allows businesses and their customers to take part in climate action from the comfort of their every day lives. By connecting businesses to climate action projects, they are helping to lower the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, reduce the amount of illegal deforestation and ensure that in years to come the rainforest can continue to be the life line of our planet.
one tribe
To find out a little more about One Tribe, how the “Attenborough Effect’ has shifted millennials mindsets and how businesses can get involved in the project we spoke to Ricardo Porteus, co – founder of One Tribe who’s passion for the planet has already saved more than 4 million trees.
What is One Tribe and how can you get involved?
One Tribe is a climate action platform helping businesses and their customer take part in climate action. We connect brands to climate action projects so every time their customers buy from them it saves trees in the rainforest, helping reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. Every customer order now helps take part in climate action. Check out the brands on our website to get in involved next time you buy a new T-shirt or trainers, download or tickets to an event – when they come back 😉 The best way to get involved if you want to help fight the climate crisis is to connect your place of work, get your team or boss to join the tribe. Businesses can make a huge positive impact if they join the tribe to help protect our planet.

What sparked the idea to create One Tribe?
We are in a climate crisis, we all have to adapt, change, use less, recycle, take part in daily climate action if we are to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere and hit the 1.5 degree Celsius target set by the IPCC report. The concept for One tribe was born in the desert at the Burning Man Art Festival in Nevada back in 2015. I and Co-Founder Tom met out there and began a conversation on how we could harness the collective power of ticketed events to save trees when they purchase. Tom was the owner of several rainforest protection projects in Panama and Brazil. I at the time was the Online Director of the Pacha Group in Ibiza, working heavily on ticketing systems and customer acquisition marketing. Over the following years, a concept and methodology was created, we ran and funded many projects with various conservation partners. Then in 2018, we decided to pull a team together and formed ‘One Tribe’. Now it’s our mission to connect 100,000 global businesses, engage their hundred of millions of customers to save billions of trees, together as one tribe.
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How many trees have been saved so far due to purchases made with businesses subscribed to the service?

We are well above 4 million trees so far, it’s very early stages but we are off to a very strong start. So many incredible businesses are joining us and getting behind the climate action movement. It’s incredible to see what is happening. 

Where do you see one tribe in five years time?

A household name in collaborative climate action. Where ‘Extinction Rebellion’ use anarchy, we use collaboration. For us, it’s about understanding this is not time to sit back, its a time for immediate real-time action on all fronts of reduction and adopting the circular economy. We will hit one billion trees saved within the 5-year target, which itself will be a phenomenal achievement by the collective effort of thousands of businesses and members of the tribe.

What hurdles have you had to overcome to get from the initial idea to launch?
Too many to mention, haha. In first place is funding, finding investors that understand the goals, ambition and path ahead. We are not your normal type of business, we are a fully classified B Corporation. We have a totally different structure, mindset and focus, we are so lucky with our investors and partners, they believe in our mission and continually help guide us to success. Also bringing the right team together, attracting beta customers who we love dearly, we have a 100% retention rate, that was our goal from day one. If we can retain all customers where possible and what we provide as a service is so valuable to them, then we will be able to grow safely and stably. I’m happy to say we are bang on track. Managing this and also finding our way when there is no other organisation like us to benchmark against has been extremely challenging.
Ricardo Porteus, Co – Founder of One Tribe
What difference will it make to our planet?

The rainforests are the lungs of our planet, without them, it’s pretty difficult to breathe! This is the space we live in, real climate action, we will help with the CO2 stabilisation, reduction in illegal deforestation, displacement of indigenous tribes and endangered species. We will educate millions of Gen Z and millennials to understand why we need to do this now, not tomorrow. That compounded over the coming years will have a profound impact on protecting our planet. Ourselves alongside thousands of other climate tech organisations will make a huge positive impact working together as one tribe.

How can we find out which brands are taking part?

You can check out our website for some of the major brands we work with. We will be launching a directory, Shopify App, Chrome Extension and more tools this year to help notify people where you can shop more sustainably and take part in climate action.

Do you think people are becoming more aware of the devastating effects deforestation has on our planet and do you think people want to do more to combat it?

100% yes. We have all seen the David Attenborough documentaries, we watch the news and see the unpredictable weather patterns, we all know it’s happening around us and why. Through a survey provided by Nielsen and other sources we know 78% of customers want to take climate action. 66% will change their buying habits to protect the planet. 73% of Global Millenials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings and sustainably marketed products are growing 5.6x faster. This alongside the huge global shift to meatless diets, reduction in dairy use and adoption of electrified vehicles shows that this is not a ‘nice to have’ moment its a global shift that is only just beginning.

What do you think made people start to realise it’s either now or never?

The ‘Attenborough Effect’ Sir David really focused the documentaries, Blue Planet one and two, Planet Earth and more recently his ‘Witness Statement’ on the harsh truth of climate change, until this, people were sceptical. This really kick-started the youth movement, Greta Thunberg helped drive that attention to the masses. The data is there, the satellite imagery doesn’t lie, the unified predictions and scientific analysis is agreed upon by world-leading scientists, government organisations. This is resonating with us all now more than ever.

How will buying festival tickets or a new pair of shoes help to save the planet?
When a brand installs One Tribe tech on their website or payment system. Every new customer order can save 5-100-1000 trees per order. The brand sets its budget and this triggers a micropayment when the customer purchases. The customer does not pay anything extra, the brand pays this as an incentive and gift to the customer for buying from them, this makes their purchase more sustainable and ‘Climate Positive’. The micropayment is transferred to us and directly onto rainforest protection organisations that are actively working in places like Loreto in Peru or Pàra in Brazil. The fund covers the legal costs and education to help indigenous tribes protect the rainforest from deforestation. This in itself protects the biodiversity of the forests and allows the ancient trees to continue sequestering carbon from our atmosphere, working as carbon sinks.

one tribe
What organisation and charities you work with to make sure 100% of the money generated goes into saving trees?
We work with organisations like Rainforest Trust a 4-star Charity Navigator awarded conservation organisation that has been operating for over 30 years. 92% of all the land they have protected in this time is still rainforest, an incredible achievement in conservation. We work with Cedia – Center for the Development of the Amazonian Indigenous in Peru. They have been successfully operating for over 40 years and have many projects including a huge indigenous tribe protection project in the Loreto region, helping indigenous tribes legally title deed their land to stand up against illegal loggers and miners. The area is over 6 million acres of land and home to many tribes and endangered animals. Both these organisations are world leaders in conservation. 

To find out more information on how your business can join the tribe to help protect the planet, head to the One Tribe website.

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