new music mondays: yolanda – the feel good track from kimbo nice

With good vibes in progressively high demand, Kimbo Nice take no time in delivering exactly that with the release of their new single, Yolanda.

The Bristol-based band of four pride themselves in their ever-changing sound, offering up a mixed bag of chilled out indie music and fast-paced curveballs alongside a combo of talking, singing and rapping vocals.

Released on April 24, Yolanda continues with this musical exploration, presenting some endlessly uplifting and catchy beats which I embraced with open arms. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, listen to this song right now because Kimbo Nice offer up almost five minutes of pure feel-good magic.

Cover art by Aglae Rochette

With a woman who wears lipstick on her eyes at the forefront of the song’s lyrical content, Ali, the band’s singer touches on topics such as new relationships, addiction and self-reflection.

He compares the single to the feeling you experience straight after waking up from a dream and realising that it wasn’t real, trying to grasp onto a distant memory that you were living only moments ago.

Yolanda certainly contains a whole host of different meanings and emotions, but one thing is for sure: this song will lift your mood tenfold. I can promise that you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from singing along.

kimbo nice

If the new song alone isn’t enough, Ali, James, Taryn and Oly have also been hard at work creating an isolation-friendly promo-video for you all to feast your eyes and ears on as well.

During the lead up to the release date, I caught up with Ali from Kimbo Nice to find out a little more about the ins and outs of the new single.

How did the song come into existence?

I wrote part of it on a flight back from Prague. It was basically about someone who I had only just met and the possibilities of what this new relationship might bring. Whilst also being self-aware and critical about personal things that I had going on, making me nervous and scared as to what they could bring as well. The lady in question wore lipstick on her eyes and was just really forward in a completely refreshing and endearing way.

kimbo nice photoshoot

What’s the story behind the lyrics?

The story in the first verse is talking about my relationship with addiction and how I’m learning and growing via previous experiences. With new relationships comes new energy and I really enjoyed what that was presenting. I was also fearful that it would be over just as quick as it started. The second verse represents a note to self: to not be so shy and realise that I, just like everyone else, am unique and special and should be happy about that. ‘Time goes by like a flying saucer’ is a direct quote from my, at the time, six-year-old sister, Anna. I just thought it was so true and beautiful. We were in a bunk bed on holiday, her at the top and me at the bottom, neither of us speaking. I became aware of the silence and then Anna let out this philosophic sigh and said: ‘time goes by like a flying saucer.’

How was it filming for the ‘quarantine-friendly’ promo video?

It was really fun actually, we had the wasteland location in mind and the idea to involve some flowers that we got in Aldi for £2.19. Then we started filming with the song playing in the background and just rolled with it. We had our good friend @adspbailey taking stills whilst James, our guitarist filmed it.

kimbo nice

What’s next in store for Kimbo Nice?

Well, we had some studio time booked in to record a few more tracks with Dom Mitchison so we’re rescheduling that for after the lockdown, as well as a few gigs we had cancelled. Discussions have been happening about releasing an EP. We hope to get some more shows in and outside of Bristol as we are looking to spread our wings a bit more. But most of all we are looking forward to getting in the practice studio, showing each other what we’ve been working on and writing some new music.

Watch Ali set a £2.19 bouquet from Aldi on fire in the new promo-video below. 

‘Yolanda’ has dropped, check it out, hope you like it xMixed and produced by Dom Mitchison On all streaming platforms

Posted by Kimbo Nice on Friday, 24 April 2020

Click here to stream Yolanda.

Photos by Adam Bailey


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