new music mondays: hindsight hotel, the debut EP from mac lloyd x res one

Joining forces for the release of Hindsight Hotel, Mac Lloyd and Res One’s distinctive sounds melt together to create this smooth listening EP.  Released on October 1st via Green Brick Records, Hindsight Hotel is a solid collection of smooth soul, lo-fi, hip hop, trip hop and RnB.

When two artists come together who are equally good at their game, beautiful things happen and such is true for Hindsight Hotel. Split Prophets’ Res One flows effortlessly over Mac Lloyd’s signature smooth sounds, lacing together laid back drum beats, delicate melodic moments and funky guitar riffs. Res One introduces us to a much softer side of the talented wordsmith, whilst still providing lyrical rhythm that gets your head bobbing and words that get your mind thinking. In coming together, Mac Lloyd and Res One have managed to find a happy medium where both artists can excel with the juxtaposition of their sounds. 

Mac Lloyd hindsight hotel res one hindsight hotel

‘‘Find Space’ and ‘Take Flight’ are much more what you would expect from a Split Prophets release – they’re upbeat, the lyrics are cheeky, laced with double entendres and yet the track as a whole remains calm and collected over Lloyd’s lucid production qualities. The layers of instrumentation, Res’s flow and Lloyd’s supporting vocals in ‘Take Flight’ go to show how well it can work when two artists understand when to give each other space. They effortlessly ebb and flow over a meditative beat, grounded in a repeating synthy chord progression.

Whilst the first two tracks of Hindsight Hotel give Res One a chance to take the limelight and spray freely, ‘Curse’ and ‘Mama Knows’ find Mac Lloyd taking a more prominent vocal role. The melancholy vocals of Lloyd are contrasted by interjections of Res One’s raw lyricism and held together in this hazy instrumental. This is the stand out track for me, the mix of soul vocals, gritty bars, dreamy flute motifs and homogeneous chords represent everything these artists are about.

The beautiful lullaby-esque intro of ‘Mama Knows’ draws you in with its sleepy nonchalance only to be suddenly interrupted with a funky, synth and guitar groove. Yet again Lloyd and Res One manage to perfectly balance flow and feeling with Lloyd’s catchy chorus and Res One’s driving bars. 

It’s as if Lloyd and Res One were trying to hold onto the last few moments of summer with Hindsight Hotel. The lazy, easy feel to the bars are perfectly balanced with minimalist instrumentation, chime like synths and that magical, dreamy element Mac Lloyd sprinkles on every release.

This collaboration brings together two artists who despite their different backgrounds, have come together to produce an EP that sounds like they have been working together for years. Hindsight Hotel is the outcome of an understanding and appreciation Mac Lloyd and Res One have not only have for each other, but for the music they make. I’m really excited to hear what else these music powerhouses could rustle up, we’ll just have to see what future projects hold.,. 






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