meet the makers raising money for breast cancer awareness month

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and makers, crafters and creatives across the UK are joining forces to raise money for this amazing cause. I spoke to Izzy aka Got The Knots to find out a little bit more about her macrame business.

Every single day in the UK as many as 150 people are diagnosed with this life changing illness. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers and as many as 23% of cases would be preventable if there was an earlier diagnosis. Cancer charities such as Breast Cancer Awareness UK, Coppa Feel and Pink Ribbon Foundation (just to name a few) work tirelessly to fund research into cures and treatments and help those suffering and their families come to terms with it.

breast cancer awareness

Since the start of the month, I have seen small brands and businesses all over Instagram finding inventive ways they can do their bit to help. Whether it’s by donating a percentage of their sales or joining forces with other makers to put on a raffle, it’s really inspiring and humbling to see so many people wanting to help.

breast cancer awareness

A group of more than 20 inspirational creatives have teamed up to offer one fo the best and fiercely independent raffles I have ever seen. You could win anything from boob prints, to a free the nipple tee to a custom crochet bag or some beautiful clay earrings. The prizes are so varied and so inventive and with over £250 worth of goodies to win you’d be not not to enter.

Painting by Hairnosidoog

Organised by @c_m_creates, it brings together artists from all over the UK who share the want to support other people. Some of the other makers getting involve include The Goddess Revolution, Pocket Carrot, Sass and Sew, Fruit Loop Studios, Lyd’s Tits and La Luna Designs. I will put a full list of the businesses involved at the bottom of this page.

Print by The Goddess Revolution

One maker in particular that caught my eye was Isabelle Davies, the owner and creator of Macrame small biz, Got The Knots. I was aimlessly scrolling one day when I found a macrame boob hanging which was one of the best things ever. I’d seen lots of macrame wall hangings before, but never a boob one and it was so well made I just had to find out some more.

We caught up with Izzy to find out why she started macrame, how the boob wall hanging came to be and why it’s so important for her to support this charity.

When did you learn  Macrame?
I started this year travelling South East Asia, which was a trip of a lifetime sadly cut short by Covid-19. When I returned home in April I could not return to work, so was desperate to find something to fill my time. During my travels I had seen lots and lots of macrame wall hangings in markets, especially in Bali, and thought it was incredible, so I used YouTube and Pinterest and taught myself that way.

What gave you the idea to make a boob wall hanging?
I have actually had a few people ask me to make male and female body part wall hangings since I started, so I knew it was something people would enjoy! But it wasn’t until I saw a post on Instagram a while back that I knew a boob wall hanging could be done, and then when breast cancer awareness month came around it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and research is so important so hopefully I can help even a little bit.
macrame boob hanging
Boob Wall Hanging from Got The Knots
Have you ever been affected by breast cancer?

Not breast cancer bur my Nan has had (and thankfully survived) cancer twice in her life so it’s a disease that has always been spoken about in my family. Sadly cancer is one of those things that affect everyone at some point or another, whether you have it, or a friend or family member does, it’s just such a good cause to support.

Have you always been a crafty person?

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, I studied Art at A Level; mostly focusing on drawing and paintings.

Why Macrame and not something else?

I always felt unfulfilled by painting and drawing, as it would never be as good on paper/canvas as it was in my head. The reason I love Macrame so much is because it pretty much always turns out exactly how I imagined it would! I would also love to try my hand at crochet at some point in the future, but for now Macrame is perfect.

What’s been your favourite make to date?
Such a hard decision to make! I have 2 wall hangings that were both custom pieces, and they were just a pleasure to make. Saying that, I absolutely love every plant hanger I have made, they are all so cute and I’m slightly obsessed with house plants so its the perfect combination in my opinion.
What tips can you give to other people who want to start their own craft business?
Go for it! I started Macrame as just a hobby to pass my time until I could return to work, it wasn’t until a few friends asked if I was going to start selling them that I even considered it, and I’m so glad that I did!!

Izzy will be extending the 15% off booby wall hangings so make sure you check out her Etsy and grab yourself a guilt free piece of art.



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