meadows in the mountains celebrates a decade of dances

As we enter into a new decade, join the Meadows in the Mountains family in celebrating 10 years of parties above the clouds. 

High above the clouds of the Rhodope Mountains lies the home of one of Bulgaria’s most intimate and rewarding festivals. Set back against one of the most breath taking landscapes you can imagine, sunrise at a festival doesn’t get much better than this.

For the last 10 years, organizers of Meadows in the Mountains have worked hard shaping the festival into something they can be proud of. It’s a haven for hedonistic pleasures, untouched and untamed it attracts those who hold nothing but love for people and the planet. Since its inception MITM has put a huge emphasis on being environmentally friendly – from banning plastic on site (don’t worry you can purchase one of their infamous MITM cups), to promising to leave no trace and for the last couple of years offering up free festival tickets for those travelling by train. 

meadows in the mountains

Unlike so many festivals, MITM focus isn’t on the music – but on the people, connections and friendships that form. It’s about throwing yourself into a new activity and discovering a talent you didn’t know you had. It’s about letting go of your inhibitions and allowing yourself to dream, create and dance the days away. It doesn’t matter whether you love afro beats, electro swing or funk – seek out new sounds and don’t worry about scheduling because there’s no bad music at Meadows. So far this year Tristan de Cunha, Karandila, Jane Fitz and Kink have been announced to play but with still a few months to go, the line up is only going to get stronger.

So you think this sounds amazing, you want to go but where will you stay?! There are a couple of different options, the most popular (and most convenient for accessing the festival site) would be to camp. You can forget everything you think you know about festival camping because at Meadows it’s a paradise. Immersed in nature and with no fences to keep you in you’re free to wander off into the mountains to explore the rivers and waterfalls surrounding the festival site. There are also options to rent a bell tent if you want to camp in a little more luxury or you can rent an apartment in the village for the full luxe experience. Currently all apartments are sold out but do check back in April/May as more will be added!

meadows in the mountain 2019

If you’re planning on flying to the festival Plovdiv is the closest airport but Sofia has a lot more flights coming in and out. If you can, give yourself a couple of days either side of the festival to explore the cities and towns of Bulgaria. You could break up your travel with an overnight stay before jumping on one of the MITM shuttle busses which will take you to the Rhodope Mountains. 

Tickets are currently on third release but at only £144 it still seems like a bit of steal compared to most UK festivals and if you buy 4 or more you get an extra 10% off. Treat yourself to 4 days of liberation, love and laughter. Grab your dancing boots and your eco glitter and get ready for what is said to be the best MITM ever.

dancers at meadows in the mountain 2019

If you’re teetering on the fence and need one final bout of persuasion, check out our review of MITM 2019 – and if that doesn’t make you dead set on going that maybe nothing will…

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