bogdan sorg’s abstract take on landscapes

Bogdan Sorg is no alien to a more nomadic way of life. The Paris born, Montreal based photographer has lived in Australia and New Zealand but is now in search of somewhere new to document. 
His work mixes the sublime with the surreal, resulting in images that leave you second guessing their intention. I caught up with Bogdan to have a brief chat about his work and what photography means to him.
bogdan sorg
Have you always been a surreal landscape photographer?
No, I used to be a fashion photographer in my early twenties. I bought the best camera and lens for the time and I felt like my equipment defined me as a  photographer. When I quit everything I sold all my stuff to and bought a more compact system to travel with.
bogdan sorg
What do you shoot with now?
I still own a pretty decent set up, I use a Sony A7II with a Zeiss 24-70 ( it’s still hard not to get excited in a camera shop ) but nevertheless most of my best travel shots were taken with a way less fancy one. You can shoot with whatever you have.
bogdan sorg
bogdan sorg
Do you ever shoot film?
Not really, I only do digital now but films are fun from time to time. I prefer to work on a computer, I let the images sit for a while then play around with them on Photoshop a few years later.  Working digitally means I only ever need my laptop and hard drive with me so I can travel light.
Who inspires you?
Good question. Definitely a lot of painters from Braque and Picasso (cubism era) to Rothko and Magritte. Le Banquet is very inspiring at the moment.
How did you come up with your wave series?
All the credits go to Jati Putra who definitely gave me the original idea!
What is photography to you?
For a long time I was seeing photography as a way of showing reality. And then, I realised not so long ago that it is just a tool that can help me show my vision of reality, dreamy. A new kind of surrealism with a touch of cubism to keep it in control.

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