mac lloyd returns with tired eyes ep

It’s been an exciting 12 months for Mac Lloyd aka Robert Mcleod, with a debut album release, the making of two music videos all whilst working on his new EP, ‘Tired Eyes‘. With this offering he has us questioning whether he should be confined to the walls of hip hop with this new venture spanning all the genres.

After signing to Green Brick Records earlier this year, Mac Lloyd is in good company with BadHabitz and Crossbow T who are just two of the incredible talents also on the label. Robert Mcleod’s talented production, vocals, and writing have once again combined to create a sequence of music which echoes the tranquil simplicity of his previous album, ‘It’s not all bad I promise’.

Mcleod is just as thrilled about the release of his new EP as he was his album. Not only does it feature gorgeous tracks and well written lyrics, Mcleod’s passion and excitement for  his music really comes through which can be difficult to find in a regurgitative, fast paced music world.

mac lloyd tired eyes

‘Hopeless Sinners’ and ‘Breathe’ are the two tracks featured on the new EP (you can listen to it here)and echo the same hypnotic minimalism featured on his previous album, yet they are even more carefully calibrated and thought-out. Mcleod’s soulful voice remains completely raw and is the main-focus of the track, however the hypnotising sleepy bass and sporadic twinkling sounds result in an almost mythical, submerged final sound.

‘Hopeless Sinners’ is ever-so-slightly quicker than some of Mcleod’s previous tracks, with a somewhat more formed tempo. This is definitely an earworm, as well as the endlessly catchy ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ layered and repeated throughout the following song.

mac lloyd tired eyes

Mcleod’s musicality is clear; it is refreshing to hear music which has progressed and matured whilst still maintaining its simplicity, not over-complicating tracks with too many conflicting beats and sounds. It can be daunting listening to an artists new releases, especially when their previous ones have been especially memorable but that definitely wasn’t an issue here.


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