lets talk about the weather – the new album from emily magpie

As Emily’s taxi pulled up into the driveway of the The Bristol Botanic Gardens her red hair is gleaming as she clambers out the taxi, make up, cacti and clothes in tow.

She confesses she woke up late and did her make up in the taxi but you couldn’t tell. A soft pink eyeshadow is swept across her lids and not a spot of rogue mascara is visible. Emily seems positively radiant – and she has reason to be. The crowd-funder for her album (Let’s Talk About the Weather) and launch party has reached it’s target, ticket sales for the launch are going well and every day is one day closer to the release.

Bringing something a little bit different to her usual stuff, Emily will be performing her self produced album on stage with a band. At a time when it couldn’t be more crucial to raise awareness, Emily is proving how you can do what you love and be kind to mother earth.

Feeling inspired by Emily and what she’s doing herself as a young artists but also for the planet, we sat down over a coffee to discuss growing up, making music and being sustainable.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Cornwall mostly, in Bodmin which had a small-town community vibe… maddeningly so! I couldn’t wait to get somewhere with more happening so went to Birmingham to study, then London, then after travelling settled on Bristol.
How long have you been in Bristol?
I’ve lived in Bristol for about 3 years now, and I love it so much. I really feel I’ve found a home here, it clicked for me as soon as I arrived.
lets talk about the weather
Did you study music?
I never formally studied music- I’ve always made it up as I go along. I actually studied acting, but was always singing, writing poetry and lyrics, and teaching myself to play, produce and getting mentoring from friends.
Have you always wanted to be a singer?
No. I’ve always loved singing and expressing myself, but I feel it’s more-so a medium of expression and connecting that really works for me. When you sing you feel good. The bit that’s always been there is the need to express, create and connect.
When did the environment become such a defining element in your music?
In this album. I’ve always explored and reflected on the under-layers of things, and have been in love with nature always- it’s just insane and beautiful isn’t it! I was reading a lot about the environment, the effect we are having on it, and thinking about this strange age we live in where there’s so much disconnection and we as humans live life in a way so far away from the way the rest of the natural world does. And I was reading a lot of dystopian novels, especially Margaret Atwood. So all of this was bubbling up into the songs I was creating, til I had an album full of them. Light and dark.
 lets talk about the weather album cover
How do you want your music to encourage other people to live a greener life?
I was creating space for me to explore this stuff, so I hope it can provide that for some other people too. That would be amazing. I’d love if people wanted to have a conversation after listening to it.
What are your plans for the launch party, you’re planting 200 trees right?
We’ll be transforming The Loco Klub into an indoor forest with 200 trees and projected visuals, a full band performance of my new album, plus support and a DJ. With each ticket sold, the audience member receives a tree which they can plant. So we’ll have an exciting, banging night, immersive ourselves in a different world and then plant some trees!
When is the album out?
April 3rd.
You’ve worked with a band to produce this Let’s Talk About the Weather, what have been the challenges/benefits of working with more people?
The album was actually created before the band formed- I produced that holed up in my tiny room with collected sounds, instruments and electronics. And then I had enough of my own company haha! So Jamie, Kieran and I started jamming together, using the album loosely, with freedom for the songs to grow and move in new directions. We wanted people to dance – I’ve always made dreamy wavy music so I wanted us to keep that but add some more bite to it. The live show is nastier and gnarlier, and so fun! It’s amazing have other musicians to create with, and has meant rehearsing and shaping the songs in new ways.
lets talk about the weather
It’s taken a long time to get to where you are, does it finally feel like it’s all starting to come together?
I’ve enjoyed all of the journey so far. Music, and life generally is pretty non-linear and much better that way. This does feel like a new step, and a very exciting one so it’s cool to see where it goes.
What artists are really killing it at the moment, who should we be looking out for?
Samana are really beautiful! Laimu you should definitely catch live if you haven’t already.
How did it feel getting recognition from BBC introducing? And how important is it for your growth as an artist especially early on?
BBC Introducing have been really supportive which is amazing- things like that help to get more visibility for you as an artist, help more people hear your music, and help you to play more gigs. They are so incredible for supporting artists in the way they do.
emily magpie
Have you got any embarrassing/funny on stage stories?
I was on tour in Belgium last year and often have verbal diarrhoea on stage. I said if people could guess the cover I did at the end (The Pixies- Hey) they could win something out of my bag. They did and insistently chose my hair brush. I hope they still use it.
Do you have a pre show ritual and if so, what is it?
I do vocal warm ups that sound like a dolphin/sad puppy.
If you’d like to see Emily play live you can catch her at the following dates:
17/04/20 – Loco Klub, Bristol
25/04/20 – The Moon, Cardiff
24/04/20 – Sebright Arms, London

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