artist of the week: alexander yeung

Alexander Yeung’s work is raw and responsive. It tells a story of love, of relationships, of masculinity and the connections we make with people. Through knowledge and experience, Yeung’s understanding of couples he shoots is what makes his photos so visually encapsulating and emotive.
Where are you based?

I’m from Hong Kong which is where I currently live.

What are you trying to portray in your images?
I was trying to explored the meaning of relationship and couple, so I started this project. I want to portray the relationship of the couple i photographed. First, we had a coffee/interview, to understand the relationship, personalities and the mood of the couple, then I base on their feel and story to think of the art directions and poses for them. 
Is your photographic work projections of your own thoughts and feelings?

It kinda reflect my thoughts/struggles, I was at a stage feeling lost, so I wanted to do this project to give myself some answers. Love is not a easy topic to explore, it’s a simple word with a big meaning behind it. The project is not yet finished, the photos that I sent to you only 1 pair of the couples. More and more are coming.

What’t the title of this series?


alexander yeung
When did you shoot it?

I started in 2019.

What is your favourite image from the series?

I love the one of the couple cuddling each other in a very sticky way, like a ball. Because I think that picture really tells the relationship of the couple, they are very sticky and complementary.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I’m still working on 1+1, and also another project called MMM, which is about masculism.

alexander yeung 1+1
Who do you take inspiration from and are there any photographers we should really know about?

I do have some photographers I like a lot, but I usually like their works only. The inspirations of my works are my journey. I started to do my personal photography project mostly inspired from what happened to my life, and the people around me. Some of my favourite photographers are Paolo Roversi, Colin Dodgson, Tim Walker, Steven Meisel….

What do you get up to when not doing photography, what music do you like etc?

I like travelling and art.I like many kinds of music, R&B, Jazz, Blue, Contemporary, Pop… except Heavy Metal.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Practice is the most important thing in photography.

To see more of this series head to Alexander Yeung’s website or head over to Instagram

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